About AEG

AEG Corporation, formerly Advantage Engineering Group, has been a key force in the areas of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and has worked with major corporate clients for over twenty years. Key areas of expertise include LED signage, large video display walls, AEG's NASDAQ LED Sign custom electronic services and development of unique solutions to engineering and video requirements.

During this time, new and innovative hardware and software has been developed on behalf of clients, and several projects have become the subject of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. New methods and technologies continue to be developed for audio, video, digital teleconferencing, heating, cooling, industrial automation, and energy conservation.

Since its formation, AEG Corporation has aligned with key partners to supplement its expertise and broaden the areas of electronics and engineering where it can add value.

AEG Corporation is based in New Jersey, approximately 30 minutes from New York City.